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The Lord of the Rings – Gary Russel

The Art of the Followship of the Ring

Gary Russell
The Lord of the Rings
The Art of the Followship of the Ring
Harper Collins Publishers, London, 2002.

The official and definitive guide to the award-winning design of the first movie in New Line Cinema`s epic adveture trilogy. Contains 500 exclusive paintings and drawings from the spectacular film
Tvrd povez, omot, 192 strane, 28.5 cm
Stanje vrlo dobro

With complete and unrestricted access to artwork crated over a five year period, this book illustrates the creative development of The Fellowship of the Ring. This official publication contains 500 exclusive images, from the ealiest pencil sketches and conceptual drawings to magnificent fullcolour paintings that shaped the look of the film.

All the principal locations, costumes, armoury and creatures are covered in stunning detail, including concepts, storyboards and images which did not make it into the final film.
As well as wealth of sketches, paintings and digital images, book contains photographs showing the realisation of the creative process and a number of stills from the film. .

Gary Russell has worked widely in media. His previous nonfiction publications include books on Frasier, The Simpsons and Doctor Who. .


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